Senior ML Engineer

Senior ML Engineer



Our mission is to unlock expressiveness online for all people by making avatars as expressive and lifelike as possible and democratizing access so anyone can easily create an avatar identity online and take it with them across different worlds.

What we are looking for:

  • Seasoned ML engineer with experience in 3D Vision, VR/AR
  • Experience with Tensorflow, Keras
  • Python, C++
  • Refining ML models for accuracy and performance

Why Hallway Tile might be a good fit:

  • Take ownership of our ML/data pipeline
  • Organize data collection for training (resources & budget provided).
  • Train and refine avatar ML models
  • Constantly improving avatar lifelikeness and responsiveness
  • Deploying models to production on Windows, macOS and WebAssembly (pipelines already in place).

Why Hallway

  • You have the opportunity to control the future of our machine learning stack.
  • You will be working on the leading edge of ML tech in 3D Vision, AR/VR
  • Your work will make a difference to real people that are excited about our product

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