Senior ML Javascript Engineer

Senior ML Javascript Engineer


Our mission is to enable a new generation of creators to express themselves using our avatar tools and environments.

What we are looking for:

  • Ideally: prior experience with blendshapes / facial animation
  • Seasoned engineer with experience in 3D Vision or Robotics
  • Experience with Tensorflow.js, WASM and Bazel build systems
  • Next.JS + React frontends
  • Tuning ML models for accuracy and performance

Why Hallway might be a good fit:

  • You can take ownership of our Javascript ML library stack
  • Improve and extend our models and code to run in the browser
  • Bring our tech to as many users as possible

Why Hallway

  • You have the opportunity to control the future of our machine learning stack
  • You will be working on the leading edge of ML tech
  • Your work will enable a new generation of content creation and user experiences!

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