Frequently Asked Questions

Hallway Tile is a fun way to stream your digital self with avatars while using any video conferencing tools. It is able to seamlessly connect to online platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Slack video, Webex, Microsoft Teams and more.
Double-click the pkg file, run the installer, and you will have Hallway Tile installed! Please be aware you will need to restart any third-party apps to be able to use the new camera plugin.
Open “Hallway Tile” in your Applications folder to launch the plugin, and then you will have a menubar item that you can click on to enable your camera. Then you can use the Hallway Tile as a camera for all your meetings!
You will have to restart third party apps (e.g. Zoom/Chrome) in order for them to update the plugin and work properly!
Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex.
First open up the Hallway Tile plugin from your Applications folder and make sure the “Avatar” tab is enabled (purple). To connect your avatar while in Zoom, click on the camera icon in the lower left hand corner of the navigation bar. From the popup window select Hallway Tile and your avatar will be displayed.
First open up the Hallway Tile plugin from your Applications folder and make sure the Emoji Enabled tab is on. While in Google Meets click on the “…” and select settings. Under the setting tab select the camera icon and under camera you will hit the drop down arrow where you can select Hallway Tile.
In the tuning pane (3rd on the left), hit calibrate while looking at the camera with a neutral face (eg no smile/expression). Let us know on Discord if we’re still not capturing your face accurately!
Apple menu (upper left) –> System Preferences –> Security & Privacy –> Camera –> Hit unlock button at bottom + give it your password –> Enable the checkbox next to Hallway Tile to allow camera access!
MacOS 11.4 (Big Sur) or later, Intel or M1 chips.
Tile runs on a M1, please let us know if any third party apps aren’t working! Please note that while the app reports it is running on Intel the plugin is running natively on M1!
Open Hallway Tile, hit customize, hit the settings button (⚙️) and scroll to the bottom to change these settings!
Hallway Tile is currently available on MacOS. We are working on Windows!
Hallway Tile is free to download and use.
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We are a distributed company that is connected virtually. We have over 10 years of experience developing social video products for companies like Reddit, Houseparty, and Epic Games. It’s a long time passion of ours to build audio/video streaming and realtime machine learning technology.
Our home bases are in Columbia, MO and San Francisco, CA.
Load the main view of the app, then select “Uninstall Tile” from the “Hallway Tile” menu (next to the apple menu) to start the uninstaller.
You’ll need to run the uninstaller to fully remove the app. Download it here if you don’t have it already!
Reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be in touch!
Reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be in touch!

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