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Windows Release notes

1.0.0: 2022-10-12

* initial OSC release

Mac Release notes

1.8.7: 2022-10-10

* Add support for Wagmi United avatar

1.8.6: 2022-09-28

* Fix crash where GLBs are loaded with required extensions
* Add neutral face calibration to tune settings
* Add more info to credits
* Update face tracking
* Add Chibi Avatar Support
* Ad Chain Runners Avatar Support
* Add Alien Boy Avatars Support
* Fix pixelated icons
* Fix broken rendering for some textures
* Download Chain Runners by ID
* Download Chibis by ID

1.7.10: 2022-08-02

* Revert OSC rotational axis orientation back to normal
* Still enable OSC while in video mode

1.7.9: 2022-06-24

* Fix flicker when changing between video and avatar
* Improve memory and cpu performance
* Fix Void's avatar hat material
* Refactor OSC Changes to work with upcoming version of FaceIt
* Hide scale setting for Voids & Mozilla Avatar types
* Fix window not resizing on login
* Show camera auth state when loading
* Update avatar rendering to use Apple Metal

1.7.6: 2022-06-13

* Add OSC streaming toggle to Mac menu bar
* Add more OSC Streaming Options (STILL Beta Feature)
* Fix certain avatar's camera origins not being positioned correctly
* Fix camera not working at application launch
* Add VOIDs avatar support
* Add file logging on settings tab

1.7.1: 2022-05-02

* Consolidate ready player me avatars
* Fix memory leak when broadcasting frames to camera plugins
* Improve gradient background drawing performance
* Add Mozilla hubs avatar support
* Add Offshoot avatar support
* OSC Tab Settings Improvements

1.6.1: 2022-04-11

* Fix App Updater
* Added scale slider to all models
* Don't clear session if logged into Ready Player Me Creator
* Save a list of multiple custom backgrounds
* Fix to allow OSC Streaming when app is minimized
* tuning sliders

1.6.0: 2022-04-08

* Can open GLB files from finder
* Fix Avatar rotation issues
* Add selection of a custom background image
* Support drag and drop of custom background image
* Faceit Plugin OSC Streaming Support

1.5.0: 2022-03-19

* Fix bugs with color picker
* Fix potential app crash when opening app from dock
* Allow Cmd+W to close window
* Add a warning when quitting if Tile is used by another app
* Allow user to input color via hex code
* Add FAQ link to settings
* Added 3 new defaul avatar models
* Remove properties tab and add customize avatar popover
* Add resend functionality to login flow
* Add setting to hide / show share code
* Change status bar icon when app update is available
* Add background gradient feature

1.4.3: 2022-03-07

* Updated first time experience on login screen
* Fall back to first video device if video device can't be found
* Add panoramic background viewpoint dragging
* Fix status bar popover start location
* Add background color support

1.4.2: 2022-02-22

* Create characters in-app with ReadyPlayerMe!
* Add sign up / sign in feature
* New design for avatars tab
* Improved settings page design
* Added toggle to settings to opt into canary builds!
* Improved hover & click effects (more work to do)
* Added import from URL feature

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