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Hallway Tile is a virtual camera app that brings your 3D avatars to life.

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  • Where are the avatars?

This the initial release of our technology for Windows, a MVP for artists to use Hallway to power animations in apps like Blender and Unreal. We are working hard on the next version which will bring a 3d rendered enviroment with animations!

  • How do I use this?

Check out our setup guides for Blender and Unreal!

  • My main window is rendering black/blank!

Some users have reported issues with previewing third-party cameras, you should still be able to stream blendshapes! Let us know what cameras are causing issues!

  • My app is crashing!

Please send us the user logs by copying for us the folder:


and we will get back to you! Thanks!

  • Something else:

Join our discord and ask there!

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10/11
  • Hardware: x86/x64 processors are supported, webcam
  • Software: .NET is required to be installed
  • Animation: Blender + Faceit or Unreal + plugin

By downloading and using our software you are agreeing to the following legal agreements:

Installation Guide

Download + run the windows installer:

After the successful install:

Launch Hallway and provide your email to get an code from us:

Check your inbox and copy the code from the email:

Paste the code into the app:

Now you can access the OSC settings and connect with your 3D app!

OSC Guides

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